Google Pagerank Update Schedule for 2013 and next Google Pagerank May 2013 Update


Google PageRank Update Schedule for 2013.

Google PageRank Updates:
Today I share to my all blog viewers about the Google Page-rank System or Criteria. I think, it's fully a secret and only Google knows it Google Page rank Update 2nd phase start in this month likely to be 2nd week earlier ( 8th May, 2013 ). Now we are everybody try to waiting and very ensues for the improvement for our blog Page Rank on September, 2013 to October, 2013. (may be).

Google PageRank Updates 2013 Schedule:

Google Page Rank updates Normally 3 to 4 Months of Interval in a year.
Now see the Google Page Rank Update Schedule - for 2013:

  • First Update: 4th Feb (already past)
  • Second Update : May, 2013 to 1st June, 2013.(Date of Days already past)
  • Third Update: End of the month of September, 2013 to 1st October, 2013 (maybe).
  • Fourth Update: December 2013 to January 2014.(may be) (Iam not sure this update Schedule it is all may be )

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Google Page rank May 2013 Update

Article by Monotosh Sarkar.

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Thanks For Sharing This Informative blog post with us

Vin DiCarlo
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Looking forward to a better update to my beloved website! ;)

I have been waiting for the Google Pagerank update just like everyone else. I believe it will come, but when Google decides this is anyone guess.

Google page rank is generally updated within 3 month, as their is no specific time of page rank update. If your website is back linked with high page rank website then you will see quick update in page rank.

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This comment has been removed by the author. - Hapus

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Thanks for Comments in our post about Google PageRank.

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It’s now more than 18 months Page Rank has not been updated. Google Page Rank is not dead for the people working inside Google, but it is dead for marketing professionals like us. I am glad when people Hire iPhone Programmers they are least interested in Page Rank and are more inclined towards app store optimization.

I think Google Page-Rank will be updated very soon and will be announced as early as possible.